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This web page shows details of grants awarded by Tower Hamlets council from April 2012 onwards.

Project details

OrganisationCity Gateway
ProjectWomen's Voice
FundTheme 5 - Community Engagement, Cohesion and Resilience
Grant approval date29/07/2015
Grant amount£16,000.00
Project start date01/09/2015
Project end date31/03/2017

Full project description

Project descriptionWomen's Voice seeks to empower women to become leaders and spokespersons in their communities. This project provides Women's Voice sessions for 80 marginalised women from a variety of cultural backgrounds. 15 participants will act as Community Advocates using leadership skills and attend local community forums/ meetings, providing a voice to the most excluded members of the community. Women's Voice aims to help women overcome barriers to participation in their wider community and create sustainable, inter-generational change.